About Us



After more than 20 years of sailing individually, a team of yacht owners, skippers & sailing instructors came together, each one expert in his field, under their common love for sea and their passion to promote sailing tourism in Greece.

Our base is in Heraklion Crete but our activities take place all over Greece’s seas!


Thalasail is a name consisted of the greek word “Thalassa” which means “sea” and the word “Sail” . This is exactly what we love to do. Sail the Seas.


There is nothing like lying flat on your back on the deck, alone except for the helmsman aft at the wheel, silence except for the lapping of the sea against the side of the boat. At that time you can be equal to Ulysses and brother to him.
We want to travel as far as we can go, Want to reach the joy that’s in our souls, and change the limitations that we know, And feel our minds and spirit grow.We want to live, exist, “to be”, And hear the truths inside of us”.
We treat the sea as we treat ourselves, we offer people sailing trips among the islands and the coastline, the nature, the civilization and our souls.