Cretan Union Cup Reggata


The Cretan Union Cup reggata comes at a historic moment, as Crete celebrates its  hundred year anniversary of its reunion with Motherland-Greece, to sail over the Cretan waters, where since prehistoric times served as the crossroad for sailors and navigators of the Mediterranean.

Minoan Crete for millenniums was the sole naval power ruling the Mediterranean. In fact, current scientific sources make reference to the trading of zinc with North America thousands of years BC.

The Minoans were the only people, who by utilizing pioneering naval architectural know how through sea trade, and not with the assertion of weapons  since there are no documented evidence of army existence in the Minoan depictions –  dominated the entire Mediterranean.

Crete is the birthplace of Zeus. It is here after kidnapping Europe from Asia and inseminating their civilizations, her name was given to the Old Continent “Europe”. It is here therefore, you will be given the opportunity through the sailing routes to scrutinize through yesterday’s mythology and today’s history.

Through this reggata you will get to know the Island of proud people, who with bravery resisted and continue to resist any unfavorable circumstances, thus, safeguarding their Greek identity.


Historic places await you. Places with continuous and uninterrupted human presence for thousands of years, and have prepared an excellent itinerary of hospitality for you. You will taste the unique Cretan diet. You will hear the sounds of primordial Cretan lyre. You will be invited to dance to the rhythms of Zorba and follow Kazantzakis’ travelogue. You will enjoy the godlike hospitality. You will sail and enjoy the unique salinity of the Cretan Sea, which during the month of October bears ideal temperatures.

The Region of Crete and the nine sailing clubs of the island, with a tradition in hospitality and successful international organized contests, such as MINOAN CUP, ODYSSAL,EUROPEAN IMS 600, WORLD IMS 600, 5th WORLD UNIVERSITY CHAMPIONSHIP, is ready to welcome you in most ideal contest conditions, at Land and at Sea.


Crete awaits welcoming you.


The Chairperson,

Ioannis Pallikaris


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