Take your photography & video skills to the next level!

Some would say that sailing is a fine art itself– mastering the skill, knowing how to read the wind and sea, and how to set the sails so that you travel into the right direction .


From a photographer’s perspective, sailing is an excellent chance to master your shooting skills while at the same time enjoy the air breeze, the sun and the adventurous spirit of being aboard a sailing yacht.

The clear colors of the sea varying from turquoise to deep blue, the pink-like colors of the sunset sky, the excitement to shoot a boat while sailing and the good chances to meet up with some dolphins on the way, make sailing a demanding &challenging photo-shooting experience.thalasail_photo

Whether you are a professional photographer or video maker or an amateur photography lover, we will make sure that you have the best chances and the necessary environment for a lifetime experience being remembered through breathtaking pictures.

We can also arrange special photography & Direction sessions on board our sailing yachts as well as host professional photo shootings for clothes, weddings etc.